XIN World Innovation Fair
On Saturday, March 25, the Symposium will provide an opportunity for startups, businesses, and social impact groups currently in Beijing to showcase the latest in Chinese technology and design as well as China's innovative approaches to sustainability—in environmental, health, culture, or other forms of social impact—to hundreds of participating delegates and Peking University students at the university's new Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In the morning, meet with the Yenching Symposium’s 200 delegates from around the world--including Rhodes Scholars and published authors. In the afternoon, the Innovation Fair will open to the public.  

Ways to Get Involved
China Community Cafe: This café space is a hub where the intimacy of intellectual discussion meets the convenience of speed dating. Participants sit down at any open table with 2-3 other strangers for casual chats—once a round is over, the Community Leader will direct rotations based on one’s seating position.

Demo Zone: Step into our discovery zone to sample all sorts of cool products and gadgets! Different companies and organizations in China will showcase live demos of the innovative work they are doing. Interactive engagements and experiential learning are the orders of the day.

Fishbowl Salon: The ‘fishbowl’ raises awareness for causes while delivering expertise through informal dialogue. Up to four participants engage in thematic discussions facilitated by a moderator. Guests invited into the fishbowl are encouraged to not only share different perspectives, but also interact with the audience.

De-Conferencing: Too much conferencing can be overwhelming, so we’ve set up an open area for the sole purpose of rejuvenating your energy. Looking for a place to jot cool thoughts down? Want somewhere quiet to sit and unwind? Need a caffeinated beverage to sip? Come discover your peace with us.