The Yenching Global Symposium Announces its Newest Delegates

Yenching Academy of Peking University is a rigorous Master’s program designed to facilitate multidisciplinary culture exchange and shape a new generation of global citizens. The Academy’s flagship event, the Yenching Global Symposium (YGS), is a continuation of this mission.

Held on Peking University’ historic campus in Beijing every spring, this four-day event invites prominent Chinese and international scholars with a noted passion for China in their work and research, along with leading professionals from a wide range of fields. These young minds from around the world will converge for the 2018 Symposium, Renaissance: China’s Journey in a Global Future. In a rapidly shifting global arena, Renaissance will be an exploration of China’s multi-faceted revival. 

Renaissance: China's Journey in a Global Future will take place during April 12th - 15th and will include keynote speakers, panels of academics and practitioners, hands-on activities, site visits, and cultural immersion programming. Selected delegates will receive fully-funded travel and accommodation to Beijing for the length of the conference.

This year, YGS received almost double the number of applications than the year before, with candidates from over 160 countries and regions. The YGS committee has selected 80 outstanding delegates from over 4,000 applicants for its 2018 conference on Peking University’s renowned campus. With an acceptance rate of only two percent, this year’s applicant pool was the most competitive yet. They included Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Gates Cambridge Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, Schwarzman Scholars and members of other major fellowships and leading institutions.

Among the newest delegate cohort, 36% hail from Asia, 24% from Europe, 21% from North America, 10% from Africa , 5% from Oceania, and 3% from Latin and South America. In total, the accepted delegates speak 38 different languages, represent 40 different nationalities, and more than half have a level of proficiency in Chinese. The selected delegates represent a broad range of scholarship and professions—including a biomedical engineer creating 3D prosthetics for Cambodian amputees and a Grammy Award-winning musician!

The YGS Committee is thrilled to invite its 2018 cohort to Beijing this spring to discuss the most pressing issues facing China today. For more information and the latest news about Renaissance: China's Journey in a Global Future, visit the YGS website at


全球青年中国论坛完成代表筛选 通过率仅为2%


自2016年春季开始,全球青年中国论坛在历史悠久的燕园定期举行。本次论坛为期四天,主题为“复兴: 中国在全球未来中的旅程”,邀请了对中国具有浓厚研究热情的国内外青年学者,以及来自各个领域的专业人士。这些来自世界各地的年轻人将汇聚北京,在当今迅速变化的全球舞台上,开展对中国多层面复兴的探索。

本次论坛将于 4月12日至15日举行, 届时主讲嘉宾、学者和与会者将开展小组讨论、实地考察及文化沉浸式活动等。会议期间,部分入选代表将获得交通和住宿等资助。