YCAST 燕语 Continues its Symposium Coverage

YCAST 燕语 - Yenching Academy's student podcast - brings you event recordings and conversations with the Symposium speakers & delegates below.  Stay tuned in the near future for full-length episodes about each day of Yenching Global Symposium!

Keynote Speech (Day 4)

Peggy Liu is Chairperson of JUCCCE, a non-profit organization for accelerating the greening of China and a leader in China’s clean energy landscape. She passionately addressed the Yenching Global Symposium delegates about measures taken by China over the years to address environmental pollution and climate change and introduced various ways individuals and organisations can take part in sustainable and green development.

[The audio of Peggy’s speech will be released soon.]

Education Panel

David Moser: Before the Education panel, YCAST sits down with the eminent David Moser sits down with YCAST to talk about innovation in the Chinese Educational sector, his conference colleagues, and his book "A Billion Voices" on the modern Chinese language.

Irene Shao: Irene Shao is the East and Southeast Asia Lead for Khan Academy. Irene shared her vision for more innovative and individualized education and explained how her work can help to enhance education for young people. We also discussed about the Chinese education system and what motivated her to realize her passion in education while studying in China.

Veronica Li: Veronica Li is the Director of International Programs at Raising Culture. She develops and implements educational programs on design thinking and social entrepreneurship through project based learning. We talked about her views on education for the 21st century and her experience participating in the Yenching Global Symposium’s education panel.

David Weeks: David Weeks is the co-founder and COO of Sunrise International Education and is a former American debate champion and a debate instructor. He shared his experience of teaching debating to Chinese students and thoughts after moderating the education panel.


Health Panel

Introduction (Megan Steffen): The Health panel brought together environmental specialist Kate Logan, public health expert Professor Tang Kun, and anthropologist Lili Lai for an enlightening discussion on different aspects of health and health innovation. Take a listen first to a discussion with moderator Megan Steffen for an introduction to major themes that emerged.

Stay tuned for the health panel audio, a chat with Kate Logan, and extended interview with Dr. Lili Lai!