URWork Chairman Mao Daoqing Addresses YGS Audience

Today’s keynote of the Yenching Global Symposium was hosted at UrWork, one of the leading co-working space companies in China. Launched only in April 2015, this company has grown to 24 cities in China and 4 cities abroad. Moreover, UrWork co-working spaces are home to over 1,800 small and medium sized enterprises. The delegates of the Yenching Global Symposium were greeted by Josh Yang, the Chief Strategic Officer of UrWork, who shared the background of the company as “one of the biggest innovation platforms in China.”

The topic leading the second day of the Yenching Global Symposium is experience. The keynote which launched the day’s academic activities was by Dr. Mao Daqing, the Chairman and Founder of UrWork. Although he has an esteemed career – from serving as the Senior VP of the Vanke Group to 23 years working as an architect – he targeted the message of his keynote to the young delegates. First, he shared the message of following your dream. During his career as an architect, he noted that he had no chance to realize his personal vision, he always had to cater to his clients’ needs and desires. He felt the need to build something that he really loved and that something that could touch people’s hearts and allow them to then fulfil their dreams.

His goal for the future is to have 10,000 companies working under the UWork platform within the next 3 years. He noted the constantly changing business environment due to the vast momentum of technological innovation and asserted that companies need to adapt with these changes. He also stated the importance of cross-cultural communication that co-working spaces can foster, so that people from different countries and cultures can learn from each other. 92 foreign companies currently operate within UrWork. He says that the ecosystem which co-working spaces create is healthy and provides foreigners with an in-depth understanding of how the Chinese market operates first-hand.