YCAST 燕语, the Yenching Academy's official podcast, captures energy of symposium

Delegate Spotlight

YCAST 燕语 went around this morning to meet some of the visiting delegates, learn about their research interests, and ask them "What does Xinnovation mean to you?" Take a listen!


Delegates (in order of appearance):

  • Noah Willingham
  • Amos Lee
  • Neha Kinariwalla
  • Joao Arthur Reis
  • Hana Pospisilikova
  • Caterina Fuggazola
  • Katharin Tai
  • Kate Smith
  • Kristina Gutierrez
  • Nikolas Charinos
  • Mathias Larsen
  • Oliver Steindler
  • Victoria Yu
  • Margaret Wang
  • Nico Teo
  • Joannes Yimbesalu


Yenching Academy Jam Session!

Members from the YCA Music Club (and some guests) came together for a jam session the night before the conference -- listen in for some great covers and original music.


Opening Ceremony

YGS 2017 starts off with a bang! Listen in to chairman Ivel Posada Martinez, Dean Yuan Ming, and President of Peking University Lin Jianhua as they ushered in the historic second year of the conference!


Day 1 Keynotes

Today's exploration of the theme "Identity" started off with two fantastic keynote speeches by innovative ecologically-minded designer, Yu Kongjian, and world-famous artist, the "Invisible Man" himself, Liu Bolin.


Day 1 Debate

Professors Krishnan Kumar and Giray Fidan lay out their opening arguments about China's historical development and modernization in a debate moderated by Yenching Academy's own, Benjamin Pham.


Day 1 Panel: Cultural Heritage

Moderator, and Yenching Academy's own, Rosie Levine, sits down with Wang Hongguang, Li Kuanghan, and Maria Mertzani to speak about innovative approaches to cultural heritage and identity-building in both China and Greece.


XIN World: Delegate Presentations

Delegate Oliver Steindler (Czech Republic) presents on "Traditional Chinese Medicine in Post-Communist Central Europe as a Tool for Chinese Soft Power Policy," Kevin Shaw (USA) presents on "An Introduction to Ethnographic Methods for Innovation," and Alexandria Williams (USA), "From South China to South Atlanta: Revolutionary Exchanges between China and Black America" during the Delegate Presentations.


Speakers Interviews (Full Audio)

YCAST's own, Eun Seo and Benjamin Trnka sit down with Krishnan Kumar and Giray Fidan (from Day 1's Debate), Maria Mertzani, Li Kuanghan, and Wang Hongguang (from the Cultural Heritage Panel) and Ted Plafker and Ni Ching-Ching (from the Journalism Panel) to chat about their work.