Tong Lihua and Jeremy Daum discuss public law at YGS

In a cozy talk with the delegates of the Yenching Global Symposium, both speakers showed their views on the challenges of public interest legislation in China

The Director of Beijing Zhicheng Law Firm and Beijing Child Legal Aid and Research Centre, Tong Lihua,, and Jeremy L. Daum, Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School, and Senior Fellow at The China Center, participated in a panel discussion at the Yenching Global Symposium. 

In this session, they discussed the developments and challenges of public interest law in China with almost 20 delegates. When asked about the motivation of setting up the Zhicheng Law Firm, Tong said: “From a lawyer’s perspective, we should consider not only providing high-quality legal aid to the rich, but also to children, migrant workers, criminal suspects, and criminal victims who would otherwise be unable to afford legal expertise. This way, they can believe in the legal system.” 

Tong also expressed his opinion about the Yenching Academy. For him, YCA holds a program that provides a chance for students with different backgrounds to study together, and learn from each other within Peking University. He believes it will contribute to the promotion of cross-cultural communication. 

Daum expressed his high expectations on the work of young students. From his perspective, a lot of people, such as Tong, have made important contributions to society already in his generation. However, as the future is for the next generation, progress should be even more significant from time to time.