Hervé Machenaud talks about combatting climate change in China

The Chairman of EDF China shared the stage with UDNP China’s Hannah Ryder, moderated by Youthink Centre President and Founder Wang Zaikai

Expert perspectives from both public and private sectors regarding China’s role in the fight against climate change were shared in a talk held by Hervé Machenaud, Chief Representative and Chairman of EDF China, and Hannah Ryder, Head of Policy and Partnerships of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China, in the second day of the Yenching Global Symposium. 

Moderated by Youthink Centre President and Founder Wang Zaikai, the speakers began by presenting the ways in which concrete improvements in sustainability have been achieved within China in their respective fields. They emphasized that China is not only a committed player in combatting climate change, but that it is also setting a global example of efficiency in energy production. As a space for technological innovation and experimentation, it is leading the way for other developing nations to a greener economic transition.

Both of them emphasised the fact that the CCP has vocalised its commitment to meeting international targets, concretising China’s role as a key player in combatting global climate change. "When it comes to taking commitments, China is one of the few countries that respect them,” said Mr Machenaud. "China doesn't commit to things it cannot do," added Mrs Ryder.

On the subject of recent COP 21 summit in Paris, both speakers raised concerns. Ryder noted the challenges associated with the implementation of goals and commitments associated with this agreement, noting the role that the UNDP China plays in this respect. Machenaud discussed the failure of the accord to come to terms on a price for CO2 emission. 

The end of the talk left most with a sense of optimism about the future of China’s contributions to the mitigation of climate change. Indeed, the remarks shared may help some to keep high spirits during Beijing's smoggy days.