He Yafei delivers keynote speech at the Yenching Global Symposium

The Yenching Global Symposium begins its second day with a speech on security issues in China by Former Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs He Yafei

The second day of the Yenching Global Symposium started successfully with a keynote speech delivered by former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs He Yafei. He discussed China’s main security issues and the relations China has developed with neighbors and strategic partners. He mentioned that the rise of China as a global power has led to the establishment of partnerships with many states and he hopes that these relationships will be marked by “no conflict, no confrontation and mutual respect”.

Prior to the talk the Yenching Academy was honored to announce Mr. He’s official appointment as distinguished professor of the Yenching Academy, where he will teach a course on international relations. According to Mr. He, the Yenching Academy is a program like no other in China, as it brings together top students from around the world to learn to make choices in global governance. He feels that this is essential, as in order to “lead humanity to prosperity it is important to understand China”.