Andrew Yan shares three life stories

The Co-Founder of venture capital fund SAIF Partners delivers candid, inspiring anecdotes about life, career and the importance of dreaming big. 

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of venture capital fund SAIF Partners, Andrew Yan, has reinvented himself several times throughout his career. He shared his thoughts candidly on the basis of this theme—to grow into the best version of oneself personally and professionally through a process of learning and retooling.  It was after changing majors three times during his university years, making various career moves from factory work in the countryside to publishing, that Yan finally found his passion for investment. Today, he also serves in directorial and advisory roles at 12 other prominent companies in addition to a number of professional accolades and recognitions.

Yan titled his presentation “Three Life Stories”, or “三个故事” (san ge gushi): “The Story About Belief”, which was dedicated to Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, who due to Yan’s support was able to acquire financial backing for his firm; “My Story” which was full of important life lessons from his personal experiences; and finally, “A Story About Persistence”, which demonstrates the great importance of having dreams and ideals, and working towards them.

In a brief interview following his talk, Yan shared his thoughts on the YGS, saying that he very much supports the idea of having conferences of this kind, not only within PKU but also at other universities. When asked to give advice to those participants who are just starting their careers, Yan advised them to do what they love—and if later they find it is not suitable, they can always do something else. He also commented on the change in the topic of his speech, saying that instead of statistics he decided to share with the delegates these three stories with the hope that they will inspire us to pursue our dreams and goals.