2017 - Xinnovation: Identity of Innovation in China

March 23rd - 26th, 2017


overview of program

2017’s Yenching Global Symposium, "Xinnovation: Identity of Innovation in China," centered around four main themes that corresponded to four meanings of the Chinese word “xīn”: 心 “heart” (well-being), 新 “new” (direction), 欣 “joyful” (experience), and 昕 “dawn” (identity).

Delegates engaged with a variety of interesting individuals – thought leaders, academic experts, professional innovators, and other global scholars in a more hands-on approach. The delegates did not simply listen to the keynotes and panels, but also participated in simulations, social events, and site visits.


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Over the four-day event, delegates heard from major speakers such as:

  • Liu Bolin, artist

  • Mao Daqing, Chairman and Founder of URWork

  • Eric Li, entrepreneur

  • Yuan Ming, Dean of the Yenching Academy

  • Yu Kongjian, Professor and the Dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Peking University